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A game changer in orthopedics - 

Ordinarily, patients suffering from joint pain need an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to locate the source of their injury. However, many who have an MRI experience anxiety attacks, claustrophobia and negative reactions during the study. And patients with metal implants – such as pacemakers and defibrillators – can’t use an MRI for diagnostic purposes.

Now a new revolutionary tool called the mi-eye 2™ is replacing an MRI for diagnosing orthopedic injuries at, the offices of Dr. Giang and Dr. Williamson fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons in Modesto, California who specialize in sports medicine and complex injuries of the shoulder, hip, and knee. They will be using the mi-eye to examine and easily visualize patient injuries and provide in-office analysis for faster diagnosis of many conditions.

Dr.'s Giang and Williamson have extensive training includes the latest arthroscopic techniques for the surgical management of complex shoulder, hip, and knee issues. They have a special interest in complex knee ligament procedures, rotator cuff repairs, and performing the latest cartilage techniques to preserve as much of the patient’s joint as possible. The mi-eye is the latest addition to their practice.

Manufactured by Trice Medical Inc., the mi-eye is a hand-held arthroscope that can provide visualization of a damaged joint or other interior parts of the body. The device consists of a needle with an integrated camera and light source that, when inserted, effectively probes the affected area to assess the injury and provide a more accurate diagnosis.

With the mi-eye tool, diagnostic results are immediate — no more going to another facility to have an MRI and then waiting days for a result. Instead, the mi-eye procedure is performed in the comfort of the doctors' office. Better still, there is no need for any sedation or anesthesia and there is no down time.

Dr. Lenita Williamson is especially excited about adding the mi-eye to the arsenal of diagnostic and treatment tools at the practice. "We are thrilled to now offer patients this office based procedure to assess their orthopedic conditions. This new addition to our practice will allow us to diagnose and treat patients faster, getting them back 'in the game' sooner,"  said Dr. Williamson.

The mi-eye provides a great alternative for patients who are claustrophobic, or dread being enclosed in an MRI machine. Plus, by choosing the mi-eye, patients can resume their active lifestyle at least two weeks sooner than when choosing to undergo an MRI.

Mi-eye is FDA approved for use in diagnostic and operative illumination, and it is covered by most major insurance carriers, including Medicare.

To learn more about the mi-eye procedure and how this breakthrough technology is revolutionizing the treatment of joint injury, contact the offices of Dr. Giang and Williamson at (209) 577-1411.

About Trice Medical: 

Trice Medical, Inc. develops orthopedic diagnostics devices with integrated camera-enabled technologies/needle-based diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for patients, physicians, and payors. Its products enable micro-invasive surgeon visualization procedures that offer painless, cosmetically undetectable, and surgical grade care in the office environment. The company provides its products for use in office-based diagnostic procedures and therapeutic delivery areas. For more information, visit https://www.tricemedical.com.